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These are the general Terms & Conditions that govern the use of this Website. Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully. If you do not wish to be bound by these Terms & Conditions, you should not continue to use or access the Website.

The Terms & Conditions may change or be updated from time to time. The latest Terms & Conditions will govern any future usage by you on the Website.

Agreements with Our Partner Charities
Every charity organization featured on this Website has a contractual agreement with PeopleGiving authorizing us to collect donations and facilitate fundraising on its behalf. These charities must be a registered non-profit organisations. Charities can have similar names and thus we encourage you to check and ensure that you are donating to the organization you intended.

Use of Your Donations
We are not responsible for any dissatisfaction you may have regarding the recipient charity organization's use of your donation make through our Website or Websites powered by us. Although we strive to supply current and accurate material, please note that the recipient organization reserves the right to use your donation as they need. We cannot guarantee that funds will be earmarked for a particular appeal, unless specifically stated by the recipient organization itself.

PeopleGiving Service Fee
It is 100% free to use the website for both donors and charities. We make RM0 when you donate. However, eGHL fees is 2.3% of the transacted amount.The charities receive the donation in a lump sum to make it easier for them at the end of the campaign.

User Conduct

  • You must at all times use the Website and its associated services in a responsible and legal manner. In particular, but not exclusively:You must not upload offensive, obscene or racist content, including photographs, on to the Website. We do not actively edit the Website but reserves the right to remove or edit any content posted on the Website at its sole discretion and without notice, regardless of whether or not it is, in the opinion of any third party, offensive, obscene or racist. If you notice any such content, please email us at support@peoplegiving.org

  • If you create a fundraising page on PeopleGiving.org, it is your responsibility to ensure that the content you are uploading on your page, in particular the photograph, is not copyright-protected. If it is, you must obtain the copyright owner's written consent to use it. We reserve the right to remove any pictures, photographs or copy from personal fundraising pages, at its sole discretion and without notice if their copyright status is in any doubt. If you suspect a breach of copyright on the Website, please email us at support@peoplegiving.org

  • Other than in relation to your own fundraising page, you may not remove or change anything on the Website.

In addition, you as a user must not:

  • misrepresent your identity or affiliation with any other person or organization;;

  • use the Website to send junk email or 'spam' to people who do not wish to receive email from you;

  • use the Website to conduct, display or forward surveys, raffles, lotteries, contests, pyramid schemes or chain letters;

  • interfere with, or disrupt, the service or services or networks connected to the service and introduce any computer virus (including any variant or similar malicious code or instructions) to the our systems.

We reserves the right to cancel your membership and delete any fundraising page without notice in the event of a breach of the above rules.

Building a fundraising page in aid of a charity in no way implies us or the charity's endorsement of your fundraising activity. Many charities disapprove of, and do not wish to be involved in, dangerous sports or unusual challenges. It is your responsibility to check with the charity first that your chosen activity does not contravene the charity's policies. We reserves the right, at its absolute discretion and without notice, to cancel your personal fundraising page at the request of the charity, in the event that the charity, in its absolute discretion, deems your fundraising activity inappropriate or unnecessarily dangerous.

Links on Website
The Website contains links to the Websites of member charities and other organizations, whether charities or otherwise. Inclusion of a link to another Website does not imply endorsement of its content or opinions. Your relationship and any transactions with other organizations through their Websites or otherwise are your own responsibility.

Copyright and Trademarks
All content on the Website is owned by us, our member charities, or other original providers, and is protected by the applicable intellectual property and proprietary rights and laws. You may copy content for your own personal, non-commercial use provided you do not alter it or remove any copyright, trade mark or other proprietary notice. No other use of the Website's content is permitted without the express prior permission of us, and, where applicable, the copyright holder. Inquiries and permission requests may be sent to support@peoplegiving.org

Protecting Your Privacy
Our Privacy Policy forms part of these Terms & Conditions. By agreeing to these Terms & Conditions you also give your consent to the way we may handle your personal information under that Policy. Read our Privacy Policy here.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability
We do not, and nothing in these Terms & Conditions shall act to, exclude or limit our liability for death or personal injury resulting from its negligence, fraud or any other liability which may not by applicable law be excluded or limited. You agree that your use of the Website is on an "as is" and "as available" basis and that your use of the Website is at your sole risk. We do not guarantee continuous uninterrupted or secure access to our services and operation of the Website may be interfered with by numerous factors outside of our control. On that basis, except as expressly set out in these Terms & Conditions, we do not provide conditions, warranties or other terms in relation to the Website, to the extent permissible by law. We shall undertake general maintenance and upkeep of the Website from time to time. During these periods, the Website may not be available for use.

Subject to exceptions listed above, in no event shall we be liable (whether for breach of contract, negligence or for any other reason) for any loss or damage which you may claim to have suffered by reason of your accessing and use of the Website, including (but not limited to) loss of profits, exemplary or special damages, loss of sales, loss of revenue, loss of goodwill, loss of any software or data, loss of bargain, loss of opportunity, loss of use of computer equipment, loss of or waste of management or other staff time, or for any indirect, consequential or special loss, however arising.

We may change the format and content of the Website from time to time. You should refresh your browser each time you visit the Website to ensure that you download the most up to date version of the Website, including the latest version of these Terms & Conditions.

Governing Law
These Terms & Conditions and your use of the Website are governed under the Malaysia's Law.

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