PeopleGiving Association

PeopleGiving Association

About Us

PeopleGiving Association (reg no. PPM-047-10-16032012) is a registered non-profit organisation with a purpose of creating public awareness on 'giving' and to help raise funds for charities.

We provide a platform for fundraising in the form of an online portal - for individuals, charities and corporations to create campaigns, with the ultimate aim of raising funds for to support a cause that they care about. PeopleGiving was started by a group of volunteers, who are passionate about playing a part in giving back to society.

PeopleGiving works in collaboration with The Star- Do Good Volunteers and The Marathon Shop.

What We Do

PeopleGiving provides a platform – an online portal for inviduals, charities, NGOs and corporations to create fundraising campaigns for any charity of their choice.

The platform is offered for FREE and no fees are charged for donations. We are proud to announce that, in just 3 months from Oct- Dec 2012, PeopleGiving has raised over RM35,000 for charities with 16 campaigns!

In addition to our online portal, PeopleGiving actively runs charity programs to help the needy. Here are some examples:

  • Happy Library in A Box – A program created to collect used children books & toys for under privileged children, mainly "Orang Asli" in 66 villages across Malaysia. The aim is to bring joy and at the same time, provide literacy and education to children in these communities, empowering them to break the cycle of poverty.
  • My Malaysia Program – A program designed to promote local talents and culture. There will be a series of program in culinary, stage play, photography, art & design to promote our local culture and talent in Malaysia! PeopleGiving believes that everyone has something to give, may it be talent, passion, hobbies or love. In this program, we aim to kick start the idea of "Giving with your talent" !

How You Can Help

PeopleGiving does not take any percentage from donations received through fundraising campaigns in our online portal. And we are run 100% by volunteers. Your support and donation will help us continue with the development and mantainance of the portal as well as running of charity programs.

If you feel it's time to take an active role in making our world a better place, you may create a campaign to support us or join us as a volunteer. We would like to hear from you -

For more information, please visit:

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