National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM)

National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM)

About Us

The National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM) was established in 1996 with the support of friends and volunteers, and it is South East Asia's first non-profit organization to offer rehabilitation services for stroke survivors and support for their family members.

NASAM's main objectives are two-fold; firstly to provide rehabilitation services to enable stroke survivors to live a normal a life as possible within the limits of their disabilities, and secondly, to raise public awareness and education towards stroke prevention. Today, NASAM operates eight centres nationwide in Petaling Jaya and Ampang (Selangor); Penang; Ipoh (Perak); Malacca; Kuantan (Pahang); Kota Kinabalu (Sabah); and Johor Bahru (Johor). NASAM's long-term mission is to avail stroke rehabilitation to as many stroke survivors as possible, especially the poor and those living in rural areas. To this end, the visionary aim of NASAM is to establish a stroke specific rehabilitation centre in every major town throughout Malaysia.

NASAM passionately advocates that, 'There is life after stroke'.

What We Do

Currently, over 400 stroke survivors attend therapy sessions daily at our eight Centres and many have discovered there is life after a stroke. NASAM looks into the physical, psychological and emotional aspects of stroke survivors and provides holistic rehabilitation therapy with the aim of getting them recovered sufficiently to return to their jobs or homes.

In Malaysia, over 50,000 new cases are reported each year. Stroke, a leading cause of adult disability, has emerged as a third main cause of mortality after heart disease and cancer.

On a global scale, some 15 million people suffer stroke each year. One in six people worldwide, will be stricken with stroke in their lifetime, and every six seconds, someone somewhere, regardless of age or gender, will die of stroke.

These are alarming statistics and NASAM is committed in its aim of increasing public awareness on the widespread incidence of stroke, and the availability of prevention measures, treatment, and short term and long term care and support for stroke survivors.

How You Can Help

While there is much that we have accomplished through the years, we remain steadfast in our journey to realise our vision of opening a stroke specific rehabilitation centre in every major town in Malaysia.

We are a non-profit organisation and we depend entirely on the goodwill of volunteers and generosity of the public to run our Centres nationwide in Malaysia. Our current operational cost annually does not include the investments or budget we would need to set our sights on expanding to other towns in the country. In addition, NASAM has a year-round engagement programme with the public to promote the concept of stroke prevention through raising public awareness on the risk of stroke.

It is for this reason that we are appealing to you to partner with us on this painstaking but deeply rewarding journey. For every sen that you generously donate, your kind contributions will allow us to maintain the continued operations of our Centres for benefit of the many stroke survivors who walk through our doors. All contributions are tax-exempt.

Location and Mailing Address
NASAM Headquarters
No 12, Jalan 7/2,
46050 Petaling Jaya,

For more information, please visit our website:

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