About Us

IJN Foundation was established in 1995 with a mission to raise philanthropic support for the care of heart patients who seek treatment at the Institut Jantung Negara (IJN/ National Heart Institute).

IJN Foundation is a non-profit organization with tax exemption status.

Under the IJN Foundation’s Patient Assistance Programme, the Foundation has spent more than RM4 million each year to fund the treatment cost for poor and needy patients, for their heart surgery, purchase of devices and heart transplant surgery.  The Foundation is also the main supporter of the ongoing research done by IJN’s specialists in cardiovascular diseases.

The foundation relies heavily on the generous support of corporates and kind donors to help it continue its’ philanthropic mission for the benefit of those less fortunate. With heart disease as the leading cause of death in Malaysia, it is even more vital that funds are available, to help more patients and to save more lives.

What We Do

IJN Foundation actively organises various activities and initiatives to raise funds for Patients Assistance Programme such as charity golf, charity dinner, charity run, charity sale, cycling fundraising campaign, outreach corporate social initiatives, donor programme and corporate partnership programme. Besides that, we also welcome any collaboration and engagement for noble events.

How You Can Help

Your support is vital as the Foundation relies heavily on the generous donation from corporate and individual to help us continue our philanthropic mission for the benefit of those less fortunate.

  1. Donor Programme can be signed up by individual with contribution of RM300 per year.
  2. Corporate Partnership Programme is tailored for corporate who want to pledge towards our fund.
  3. We also welcome and encourage if there is any people would like to organise charity activities/campaign to raise fund for IJN Foundation.
  4. Others contribution can be done through our website ijnfoundation.org

**All donations are tax exempt.


 On behalf of the less fortunate heart patients, thank you for your generosity and acknowledgement.

Location and Mailing Address

IJN Foundation
c/o Institut Jantung Negara
145 Jalan Tun Razak 50400 Kuala Lumpur 
Tel: 03 2617 8312
Email: foundation@ijn.com.my

For more information, please visit our website: www.ijnfoundation.org

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