How it Works

It's easy! Just follow these 3-simple steps and you’ll be on your way to making a difference in the world.

  1. Step 1: Register and Create Your Campaign
    Register/Log in to create an account. Using the Dashboard function, create your campaign by choosing which charity partner you would like to support. You may choose from our existing list of charity partners or let us know if your favourite charity organisation is not on the list and we shall try to reach out to them for you.

  2. Step 2: Share Your Campaign
    Tell the world that you care! Use our "Share" button to spread your good intention to your friends and family via email, Facebook and Twitter. You can make the fundraising campaign more personalized by simply adding a personal message, pictures and videos.

  3. Step 3: Have Fun
    Don’t forget to relax and have fun while you are doing this. Just make sure to check on the status of your campaign from time to time to see how it’s progressing. Remember, every little bit counts!

What happens next?

  • Upon completion of your campaign, PeopleGiving will be in contact with you regarding the funds raised.

  • All your supporters shall receive an official e-receipt from the non-profit organisation as proof of their donation. The e-receipt can be used for tax-exemption purposes for NGOs with tax relief status.

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