Fundraising Tips

It's so easy to make your fundraising page an outstanding one. We are here to help you reach your target and have a successful campaign.

Share your story

Personalised your page with your own story on charity effort, how the campaign come about and what causes you would like to support.

Upload photos

Picture speaks a thousand words. Deliver your message effectively with a picture. Your page will look more attractive and it is also a way to personalise your campaign. Remember to always replace with newest and latest photos to give a fresh look.

Always keep your page up to date

Post regular updates on your page to encourage people to visit your page and to donate for a common goal of supporting a cause that you cared about.

Share your campaign/page

Share your campaign via our built-in apps to the social network (Facebook and Twitter) to spread the joy of giving. Send emails to friends and family to request for support.

Say thank you

Personalise your thank you message. A "thank you" note will be emailed to the people that have made donation through your page. The donors will feel appreciated if they receive different messages from you every time they donate.

Believe in yourself

Don't be shy in asking for donation. If you are doing something great, spread it out to your friends and family, and bring the awareness of giving to everyone.

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