Fundraising Ideas


We are always challenging ourselves with new experience, may it be marathon, skydiving, mountain climbing or anything that test our limit. Now, you can raise fund for a good cause while you take on the challenge.


The next time you participate in an event, use it as a platform to raise funds for a cause. It could be the PJ Half Marathon, Standard Chartered Run, Terry Fox Run, Penang Bridge Marathon, World Vision 30 hours Famine, Le Tour D'Langkawi and much more.


Request for donations in lieu of gifts for your next special occasion. It could be a birthday, wedding anniversary, baby full moon, house warming party, etc. This can include Holiday celebrations such as Christmas, Lunar New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali and more. What better time to spread the joy of giving.

Your Talent and Passion

Everyone has their own talent and passion in life. You can do more with it while enjoying what you love doing during your free time or in the weekend.

Cooking/Baking: Cook/Bake for a dinner party/tea time and ask your guest to donate what they think is worth from the dinner.

Photography: Offer a special photography session/ outing for friends to join and fees is donated to your favourite charity.

Music: You passion for music can raise fund for a good cause, may it be piano, guitar or singing. You can stage your performance in school event or your own private event.

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