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Yes. PeopleGiving portal belongs to PeopleGiving Association, a non-profit organisation registered with the Registrar of Society (RoS) in Malaysia. The registration number is PPM-047-10-16032012.

PeopleGiving is set up with an objective of creating awareness in the public that everyone has the ability to give, one way or another. And the portal is setup to empower individual to raise fund for non-profit organisation in causes that they care about.

PeopleGiving is set up with an objective of creating awareness in the public that everyone has the ability to give, one way or another. And the portal is setup to empower individual to raise fund for non-profit organisation in causes that they care about.

In this digital area, we believe that online fundraising is the way to go. It is no doubt the most cost-effective way to fund raise, whereby you can be certain that almost 100% of your donation reaches the designated organisation. Online fundraising is also a convenient way to get friends and family to support your campaign. It is just a click of button away to the secure payment gateway.

PeopleGiving is the only fundraising site in Malaysia that does not charge any fees from the donation. This is the main differentiator and is also the most important one to ensure that almost 100% of the donation reaches the designated organisation.

For more information on the fees, please refer to FAQ Section (C) No. 4 below.


Anyone - individual, a group of friends, company could raise fund for any of the registered charities on PeopleGiving.

The way we process the donation doesn't allow the splitting of donation to several charity organisations.

If you are fundraising as a team, you may put your team name, eg. The Dare-You Team as your account name. On the Profile picture, you may put up a photo of your team members.

We understand that everyone cares for different causes. And afterall, you are the one who put in the effort to raise the fund. You can raise for any of the charities that is listed as our charity partners. To be listed as partners, a charity must be a registered non-profit organisation with audited reports. This is to ensure that your hard-earned campaign collections are transferred to an organisation that complies to the regulation set out by Charity Commision.

There is a dropdown list of charity organisations to select from when you create a campaign. You may also see the list of Charity Partners under "Charity Partners" tap in the portal.

If they haven't yet to join PeopleGiving, just invite them to join by contacting us. There is a button on the home page under "Be our charity partners". We will contact them and get them listed as our partners.

Set a reasonabale amount to raise. It is very subjective, depending on your campaign type and the network of friends that you have. The advice is to set an achievable target. The good news is you can still raise the fund after exceeding your target. So, let's aim to achieve over 100% of your target !

If you're doing an event that has costs to cover, you need to get in touch with the charity organisation that you are raising fund for to arrange this prior to your campaign creation.

PeopleGiving does not cover the cost of campaign. Any funds that you raise on are passed on to the charity organisation directly, as we only transfer donations to the designated account of our charity partners. So if there are any event costs to cover, it's up to the charity organisation to administer the funds they receive in order to meet those costs.


When someone makes a donation on PeopleGiving, they will be directed to a secure payment gateway- IPAY88 page. There, donor can choose to make a donation via online bank transfer or credit card. These donations are paid into a PeopleGiving fundraising account and at completion of your campaign, we send them on to your charity.

Any money that you raise is automatically passed on to your chosen charity organisation at the end of your campaign, so don't worry, there's nothing else that you need to do. Even though we transfer the funds directly, you will still be able to see a record of the money that you've raised on your page along with any messages that have been left by your donors.

We have a legal binding agreement with all our charity partners, which will safeguard that your fund is channeled to them. As a fundraiser, we even give you the option of presenting the collected fund to your chosen charity personally. And every donors that supported your campaign will receive an e-receipt from the charity organisation. You could call our charity partners to verify this if in doubt.

PeopleGiving does not charge any fees on the donation received. It is FREE for the fundraiser, donor as well as to the charity partners. However, a small processing fee is charged by the payment gateway provider (eGHL) on every transaction made. This is the most cost-effective way of fundraising whereby close to 100% of the funds donated are channeled towards the charity organisation of your choice.

For Internet Banking: Maybank2u, RHB, etc
eGHL fees is a flat rate of RM1 for any amount of transaction.

For credit card:
eGHL fees is 2.3% of the transacted amount.
Eg: You donated RM100 via maybank2u to support his friend's marathon

Donation Amount RM100
Minus eGHL fees (2.3%) (RM2.30)
Amount channel to charity RM97.70

The collected fund will be channeled to your charity within 14 days from the completion of your campaign.

Yes, once they made a successful donation, they will receive an automatic acknowledgement email from PeopleGiving with unique reference number on their donations. Their donations will also be listed on your campaign page along with their message to you (if any).

Yes. PeopleGiving will provide a statement of donors and their donations amount to your charity along with the fund collected. Charity partners will have to issue e-receipt to every donors as a proof of receive.

It depends on the chosen charity organisation, whether they have obtained tax-exempted status from IRB. If the chosen charity organisation has tax exempted status, then all the receipts to the donors is tax-exemptable. It is written clearly on the receipt. For charity organisation without the tax-exempted status, then the receipt is not tax-exemptable.

Charity Partners must issue the e-receipt to every donors within 10 working days from the day they received the fund and donation statement from PeopleGiving.


At the moment, this functionality is not supported. Donations accepted now are for campaigns that have been created in PeopleGiving.

There is no catch in this. PeopleGiving has made this possible with the setup of dedicated volunteers and generous sponsors, coming together to make this platform available for everyone to fund raise for charity organisation supporting the causes they care about. This is the contribution of our volunteers and sponsors in giving back to the society.

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