Transformation For A Good Cause

Transformation For A Good Cause
  • 2019-04-01 - 2019-06-03
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A rise in non-communicable diseases is predominantly due to unhealthy urban lifestyle (e.g. work stress, being sedentary and unhealthy eating habits). As malaysians we are not unfamiliar with how our unhealthy lifestyle lead to all these diseases including stroke. In fact, we could be so wrong to think that stroke only hits the elderly while anyone at any age is at risk. With the frequency of such incidents happened around us, it started to seem like an acceptable norm where someone suffers from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes even stroke. We would like to bring the awareness to the public and definitely, prevention is better than cure!


WellnessXperts have been carrying the misison of changing people’s lives through providing good nutrition and a supporting platform of healthy active lifestyle. With the dedication of a community who would like to transform themselves for a better physical health, we would like to leverage on their journey to being the fittest self to raise funds – transform for a good cause!

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.