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Im (finally) growing out my hair to raise funds for a cause I hold close to heart.
dont do it for me, do it for the children
but also take note that I really enjoy being bald.

"the recommended ratio of oncologists to the Malaysian population is 10 to one million. the ideal ratio for Sarawak's 2.47 million population should be 24 oncologists, but it only had 6 as of 2017.

Sarawak General Hospital (SGH), is the only public hospital in the whole state (which is about the size of Peninsular Malaysia) with its own oncology department.

oncologists travel around the state every month to faraway towns such as Bintulu and Miri, over 500 and 700km from Kuching respectively, to treat patients and may not be in SGH all the time.

less fortunate families travel this long distance to access treatment, taking many days going in and out from their homes in the interiors.

patients have to wait hours on end for appointments in crowded consultation rooms, while chemotherapy rooms are also busy with patients. radiotherapy machines and beds at cancer wards are also limited." -- Sew Boon Lui, president of Society for Cancer Awareness and Advocacy Kuching (SCAN)

to sweeten the honey pot, or
feel good knowing what your generosity is contributing to:

the beautiful people at SCCS, including yourself, makes it possible to 
1. provide counselling sessions, buddy programs, palliative care home visit, wish granting, and bereavement support
2. provide financial and medical aid for the children and their families, for a minimum of 6 months
3. my personal favourite: operate two halfway homes, in Kuching and Miri, fully equipped with amenities that provide free lodging, food and transportation for outstation patients and their caregivers, God bless their souls.
amongst other superhero things.

for it is in giving that we receive,
so bombs away!

*a minimum donation of RM50 is required should you wish to claim for tax-exemption.


Serahphina Jolly

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