Ride For Gold
  • 2017-09-07 - 2020-07-31
Ended. Thank you for your support.
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David Wu wants to raise funds for children with cancer, and he wants to ‘take’ these kids to the Seven Modern Wonders of the World. As he cycles worldwide, funds raised will go to The National Cancer Society of Malaysia’s Children’s Home of Hope. The gold ribbon symbolises childhood cancer. Gold also represents the preciousness of children as well as this journey.

Hi, my name is David Wu. In 2015, I walked for 600 km from Kuala Lumpur to Kelantan to raise funds to help repair homes affected by the big flood in Kelantan, Malaysia. The following year, I cycled from my home town of Alor Setar, Malaysia to my ancestral home town in Taishan, China, raising funds to repair more damaged homes and also to search for my grandfather's birthplace.

These adventures taught me that if everyone participated and contributed a little, we can all create a huge impact for the lesser privileged communities. This time round, I want to do something for children with cancer. Each year, 160,000 children are diagnosed with cancer, and about 90,000 die from the disease.

In Malaysia, among the 37,000 registered cases, 900 were children (Globocan 2012). The gold ribbon symbolises childhood cancer and gold represents how precious children are. This year, I will be riding for gold. For about two years, I will cycle to the Seven Modern Wonders of the World starting from Kuala Lumpur during Malaysia's Independence Day on 31st August 2017 to raise funds as well as awareness for childhood cancer.

I will vicariously take these children to the seven magical destinations so that they can see these miracles through my eyes. The journey will take me to the Taj Mahal (India), Petra (Jordan), The Colosseum (Italy), Cristo Redentor (Brazil), Machu Picchu (Peru), Chichen Itza (Mexico) and The Great Wall (China). The Great Pyramids of Egypt will be a bonus destination.

All proceeds will go to The National Cancer Society of Malaysia and exclusively for children with cancer. Please take your time to read this article written by NCSM: Caring for your child. I hope to have your support as I am a firm believer in participation. My aim is to raise RM5.0 million from this effort.
Let us all ride for gold. 
To learn more, contact NCSM at 03-2698 7300 or visit the website at www.cancer.org.my


David Wu

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