Nicole Tai
  • 2020-06-08 - 2020-07-31
Ended. Thank you for your support.
MYR 3,130.00 / MYR 3,000.00


Brave the Shave

Dear friends,

Sometime in June, I am going to have a new look for a good cause.
How short shall I go? Shall I shave it all? I will update you on the progress.

Why? Some may ask. Well, I have an inner calling.. sounds weird but there is this little voice that says, "go Nicole, shave your head"
and if shaving my head can raise some funds to help cancer patients, I really have nothing to lose. In fact, a lot to gain emotionally.

This campaign is for The National Cancer Society Malaysia and money raised is to help their 6 centers (e.g. Children’s Home of Hope, Cancer Information centre, Care and support programme for the underprivileged)

So, it would be really great to have your support.
Thanking you all in advance. 

Nicole xx


Nicole Tai

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