• 2019-06-27 - 2019-08-07
Ended. Thank you for your support.
MYR 2,500.00 / MYR 2,500.00


I appeal to you for donation, with a new challenge. Keep me motivated in this fundraising exercise. DONATE RM25 or more and help me achieve my target. All donations will go towards helping poor cancer patients via MAKNA financial assistance programme.

I've been working with MAKNA for 19 years. Sounds like a long time, right? Well, Cancer has been around for longer than that.  That's why at MAKNA we organise Klimb Kinabalu, an annual fundraising climb that gathers a group of passionate individuals who stand up to support the fight against cancer.

This year I wish to appeal to your donation, with a new challenge - one that invlolves getting up and moving!  Here is how it works. Randomly I will chose an exercise and I will do 25 repetitions of it.  I will upload my exercises on my Facebook page and I aim to do as many exercises possible running up to our Mount Kinabalu charity climb date - 29 & 30 July.

Now, why 25? Because, MAKNA turns 25 this year.  And to mark this milestone, a challenge that promotes physical fitness feels appropriate to me.  With this endevour, I call others to take action, and to start with an effort that could bring change to the lives of others - poor cancer patients.

However, to stay motivated I need your support.  And a great way to show your support for my cause is to encourage me with donations.  Act now! Click the DONATE button and make a donation.  All donations will go towards helping poor cancer patients via MAKNA financial assistance programme.

You can start with RM25, RM50, RM75 and so on... I may fall short in completing 25 repetitions in one go. Here is where your donation will keep me motivated to pick myself up and keep up with my challenge.

I hope my challenge pushes the spirit of every cancer fighter to continue with their journey.  By supporting my challenge, you are not only helping me, you're also giving meaning to a cancer patient's life.

Terima Kasih! 


vemanna appannah

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