Cancel Cancer

Cancel Cancer
  • 2018-03-01 - 2018-03-31
Ended. Thank you for your support.
MYR 2,610.00 / MYR 10,000.00


A humble effort to battle childhood cancer.

Hi there everyone, 

My name is Raja Aidit and I am raising funds in support of one of  the National Cancer Society of Malaysia's (NCSM) efforts, the Children's Home of Hope. NCSM is a non-profit organization that serves to increase public awareness on the dangers of cancer and the importance of early detection and prevention, among other things. They are a self-funded organization whose objective is to serve others.

The home provides child cancer patients and their caregivers from outstation, a comfortable place to stay while undergoing treatment at nearby hospitals in Kuala Lumpur. The patients are from low-income families and NCSM gives each family that are selected to stay with them financial assistance of RM500 or more, from their own funds. This “Home Away From Home” is equipped with fully furnished air-conditioned bedrooms, a well equipped kitchen, laundry facilities and a playroom.

This campaign is a very personal project for me as I have lost a dear friend to cancer back in 2016 (age 23) and recently, another friend of mine (age 25), who I am working with on this project has been diagnosed with leukemia. These are people with great ambition who have had this giant hurdle in their important years of life.

In support of this, NCSM is offering a 10% discount for their health screening service to the first 100 people who redeems this discount with the use of the promo code “CC2018” for the following categories:

1)Well-Man Screening < 40

2)Well-Man Screening > 40

3)Well-Woman Screening < 40

4)Well-Woman Screening > 40

To redeem this promotion, please contact the direct hotline at 03-2698 7351. Please mention this code “CC2018” during appointment call. Upon successful booking, kindly download/save the VOUCHER below and display to the front desk on the day of your appointment for verification. Offer ends on 30th April 2018. 

The objective of this is to highlight to everyone that cancer does not discrimate in terms of age and to urge people from all ages to go for a health screening. NCSM has attended to cases of patients being diagnosed from as young 3 months old. Besides that, it is to show that EVERYONE can help out in any small way.

Recently, few friends of mine and I have visited the home on the 24th February 2018 to spend time with the children and provide them with some light entertainment as well as giving them goodie bags filled with items they can use during their free time. We also prepared meals and desserts for them which they truly enjoyed. This intimate event created a lot of smiles and laughter in the room as we were entertained with games and performances by Larkie de Clown


I would kindly ask that you contribute to aid their battle against cancer. Just like everyone else, these children have dreams and aspirations and with your contribution, we would give them a better chance in achieving them. Or if you want to help out in other ways, such as donating items or to visit/spend time with them, please contact the Home at (03-2698 1676) or e-mail (

NCSM will issue a tax exempt receipt to individuals who have contributed. This will take about 14 working days to be issued. For tax relief info, you may refer to the link below from Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN)

With advice from NSCM, I am using as the designated platform because it is free of charge, meaning 100% of the money raised will be given directly to NCSM. This eliminates the transparency issue that most other charitable causes run into. All proceeds from this fundraising will go to the Children’s Home of Hope to support its operation.

Thank you and have a blessed year ahead!



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