Dalton Yeo Is Going Bald!!

Dalton Yeo Is Going Bald!!
  • 2018-04-06 - 2018-05-06
Ended. Thank you for your support.
MYR 240.00 / MYR 5,000.00


Dalton Yeo is going bald in support of Children and Families battling childhood cancer.

Hi guys, I am Dalton Yeo. I've been working with Sarawak Cildren Cancer's Society(SCCS) for the past 3 years with their fundraising campaign such as Go Bald and Colour Rush. 

Cancer affect many people from all walks of life, it do not just affect the patient but also their families. I am trying to do my part in helping the patient and their families through this hardship. 

Which is why I'm here,

Being a content creator that utilize social media platform, I believe with the help of the online community, we will be able to reach the pledge goal and also to bring more awareness to the Go Bald campaign on the 5th of May at CityOne Mall, Kuching, Sarawak.

The video we made with SCCS is how we envision our Little Heroes in SCCS battles with cancer. Any contribution will help against this infinity wars with cancer!

Thank You!


Dalton Yeo Yuen Shuen

Dalton Yeo Yuen Shuen

Hi guys, I am a content creator from Sarawak!

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