The Noble Vision and Gesture of Tee Seng Jian

The Noble Vision and Gesture of Tee Seng Jian
  • 2014-10-23

Tee Seng Jian is a normal nine-year old boy from Klang City in Selangor State, Malaysia. Just like any kid of his age, Seng Jian loves to play, goes to school and eats his favorite foods. What sets him apart from other kids is his concern for other people from all over the world. This is what the boy stated, "Mommy said one out of eight people worldwide go hungry daily. I don't want them to go hungry every day. That is why I run to help them."

In his desire to help these unfortunate individuals, Seng Jian ran in the Batik Sarong Charity Fun Run 2014 to help raise funds for World Vision Malaysia. This is his first run.

What was the primary motivation for this youngster? Aside from the fact that hunger is a global problem, every 10 seconds, one child dies from hunger-related causes. By taking part in this charity run, Seng Jian believes that he can help children to avoid hunger every day.

Run for Hope believes in educating children to become more generous, share and give to deprived member of society.

This is the guiding principle of People Giving. It is a non-profit organization of benevolent volunteers. The main purpose of People Giving is to develop public awareness about the need to give. It envisions raising funds for non-government organizations as well as other non-profit organizations so each group can support noble undertakings.

The portal was created to produce funds for charitable endeavors and institutions by way of creative and fun activities. Advocates of People Giving are convinced that everyone has the capability to accomplish something magnanimous and become part of the bighearted world. It does not charge any fees for persons and companies engaged in fundraising along with charity partners. All contributions are forwarded to the fundraiser's choice of non-profit association.

Imagine a very young boy like Tee Seng Jian who is fully knowledgeable of issues and concerns that only matured people care about. It is even quite ironic that a nine-year old thinks more responsibly than most grown-ups do.

What is World Vision all about? It is a Christian support, development and advocacy group committed to collaborating with young people, families and communities. The organization's primary goal is to fight destitution and injustice. It is encouraged by Christian values to be of service to races and peoples regardless of beliefs, gender and social status.

World Vision concentrates on community development and advocacy to lend a hand in fostering sustainable opportunities for those in dire need and have been adversely affected by distress and other forms of inequality. Advocacy remains an essential aspect of World Vision's efforts to deal with different causes of poverty, protect minors and uphold justice for everyone all over the globe.

The story of Tee Seng Jian is an eye opener for other children and adults. We seldom see such a righteous act happen in any part of the world. If you are a responsible parent or child, you can emulate what this Malaysian kid decided to do for less privileged people.

By Kent Ong

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