Bringing Hope Building Dreams

Bringing Hope Building Dreams
  • 2014-06-04

"Rumah Ku, Syurga Ku" we always hear this words. But many do not realize that some of us can only dream of such things. In the era of modern and developed nation, still exists a segment of society who cannot afford to own a proper home that would provide them safety and comfort. For them it is just a dream. "Bring Hope Building Dreams" project is created to make their dreams come true!


Bringing Hope Building Dreams is about building an extension for the home of 3 poor families at a Village at Jalan Bachang, Bt. Caves. The condition of their house is bad and some even dangerous to continue staying in. This campaign is to raise funds to renovate the worst part of the houses, so that they can live in a much more comfortable and hygienic environment.

Houses Descriptions:

  • First house own by En. Lutepi family. He has 6 kids with 1 OKU member. 8 of them are staying in the house, with a damage ceiling and not even a proper toilet.
  • Second house belongs by En. Hassan. He has 7 kids and 9 of them staying together in a house without proper kitchen and water pipe. They need to get their water supply from a well. This big family's source of income is from his wife. The eldest son has left school to support the family.
  • Third house is owned by a single mother, Pn. Siti and she is not able to work due to kidney disease. She has 5 kids with 1 OKU member, staying together. This family currently depending on the eldest son as the only source of income.


We want you to be involved in the renovation of the 3 homes! We are raising money to cover a big amount of the renovation costs.We need to raise RM20, 000 for this project. Young volunteers and villagers will be involved in the renovation work as part of a charity drive. So not only we will be giving the owners a proper house, just as importantly we will providing villagers and youth with skills they can use for a lifetime employment beside helping to create a bonding among them. We feel no exaggeration to say the success of this campaign could safe life.


This program is run by People Giving, and funded by our generous sponsors and donors. Not forgetting all of the volunteers that have contributed selflessly to the program.

The construction will be supervised by a professional architect to ensure that the construction meets the safety standards.


"Bringing Hope Building Dream" program has started with the ground works for the design, the sourcing of the raw materials, quotation and identifying the 3 houses for this program. The construction work will begin in the 3rd week of June, 2014. The homes are expected to be completed with new looks by 21st June 2014.

I want to help?

  1. Donation is appreciated to support the cost and material of the construction.
  2. Please SHARE SHARE SHARE this campaign to friends and family. We need the support of EVERYONE.
  3. Contact us if you have the expertise in architecture and construction that can help us in renovating the home.
  4. Join our team as a volunteer. PeopleGiving has more upcoming charity programs that you can contribute to. Contact us at

Corporate Sponsors:

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