About Us

PeopleGiving was started by a group of volunteers, setup as a non-profit organization with a purpose to create awareness to the public on 'giving' and to help raise funds for NGOs and NPOs alike. We provide a platform in the form of an online portal - for individuals, NGOs and corporations to create campaigns, with the ultimate aim of raising funds for NGOs of their choice to support a cause that they care about.

PeopleGiving believes that every individual has the power to do something great and to be part of the giving world. We are here to provide you an easy, safe, transparent and cost-effective platform to raise funds for the cause that you care about. We are also here to support all non-profit organisations to create events, raise funds and have their web presence through the PeopleGiving portal. We partner with them for a common goal of creating awareness, raising fund cost-effectively for the good causes, and connecting everyone in this giving and loving world.

To date, there are more than 200 campaigns with a total of RM 1 million in funds have been raised using PeopleGiving's online platform. We have over 36 active charity partners that support a wide variety of causes ranging from animal welfare to environmental conservation.

On top of that, we have also completed more than 20 charity projects and have brought literacy, joy and love back to the community. Some of our most notable projects include "The library of hope for the orang asli", "Hugs for love" and "Stage play for cancer".

PeopleGiving is dedicated in doing our part in giving back to society. We do not charge any fees to fundraisers and charity partners. All donations are channelled to the fundraiser's choice of non-profit organisation.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.