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"Vision Home is a registered, voluntary welfare organization for children who have been abandoned, neglected, orphaned or abused in Ipoh. They provide care, shelter and education for poor & needy children." The home was set up with the aim of providing food, shelter, clothing, education, tender, love and care to orphans, abandoned and underprivileged children within a loving family environment.

Currently, there are 21 children aged from 7 years to 24 years old. Under the care taking of Vision Home. The children, coming either from Orang Asli, Chinese and Indians families, they are abandoned by their parents or from a broken homes. 16 of the children are currently attending schools in different parts of Ipoh and the rest of 5 children are without their birthcert and unfortunately these children can't attend school.

Vision Home basic needs such as Food & Groceries, household & toiletries, school items, Electrical Appliances, Apart from public donations, this home supports the children by raising funds through charity dinners and food fun fairs.

Opening an orphanage takes vision, and will have to learn to adapt and improvise. But don't lose heart. There will be many who will believe in your vision, and the smile on the faces of the children will more than make up for all the sweat and hard work.

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