RUN F.A.R. - Run For Cancer

Run F.A.R. (Run For A Reason – Run for Cancer) is adding a new meaning to the run as an activity. While promoting an active lifestyle, fitness and celebrating health, this run provides a platform to raise cancer awareness and funds bringing much needed attention to this pervasive illness. An opportunity to run for a cause and fulfill one's inner desire in aiding the needy.

Running For A Reason is nothing new, many have done it and it is one of the most practical and popular way to raise funds and increase the visibility of the charity. With the strength of social network media, reaching out to the mass audience becomes hassle free.

Run F.A.R. is long term, and will not limit itself to raising funds only during MAKNA Founder's Night Run 2014. One may select any existing run out there and raise funds for MAKNA. All you need to is to create a fundraising page on People Giving with clear objectives and explanation, set your target and get it rolling.

Creating a page is up to your creativity, it can be a personal page or a group page. A group page may allow you to reach more potential donors when you have a bigger target, e.g. RM10,000. A team of 10 friends can share an equal commitment in achieving the target.

Don't overthink things, just get involved, and before you know it, you would have accomplished your pledge!

How you can help:-
Your donations will go a long way to finance our projects, help poor cancer patients have a better chance for recovery as well as initiate and maintain the education programmes that are needed for the public to understand the disease better and how to deal with one's own cancer or family members, friends and relatives with cancer.

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RUN F.A.R. - Run For Cancer