Support of suppliers makes difference to volunteering work

Posted on: Wednesday, 03 Oct 2012

The Star approached various suppliers for quotations for a variety of work to be done for the makeover of 10 shelter homes and was pleasantly surprised by the response of three suppliers.

TIMING is everything and things could not have been more perfect when Teo Lee Ming, marketing director for paint brand Dulux [under ICI Paints (M) Sdn Bhd], learnt that The Star had chosen Oct 6 as its Do Good Day volunteer event for all staff to participate in.

Teo explains that it is Dulux's mission to "add colour" to people's lives and this has always been the core undertaking of the brand.

"The timing was perfect because annually Dulux celebrates ‘Let's Colour' week on the second week of October. It is an entire week of activities when we get our staff involved in ‘bringing colour' to those in need. It is not just putting in money as our staff are involved in doing painting work for a good cause. Just like what The Star is doing in getting its staff involved in volunteer work," she explains.

"Having partnered The Star recently on the heritage preservation work on Jalan Sultan in Kuala Lumpur, where we sponsored paint for the artwork mural, we enjoyed the partnership and decided to support The Star in its Do Good.Volunteer campaign," Teo says.

Dulux is sponsoring paints and painters to help with The Star's Do Good Day makeover project for 10 homes in the Klang Valley, Penang, Perak and Sarawak.

"What The Star is doing is fantastic as it is a great way to pay back society and at the same time earn credibility for the company, so we are more than happy to join in," says Teo.

"I feel that this noble cause taken up by The Star should not be a one-off thing and that we should all carry on the good work," adds Teo.

It's hip to raise funds

Colours for the world: ‘It is Dulux's mission to add colour to people's life and this has always been the core undertaking of the brand,' says Teo Lee Ming, marketing director for Dulux.

Four friends who have a background in IT realised that many Malaysians are kind-hearted and want to do something to help the underprivileged, but do not have access to an easy platform to do so.

Also, most are worried about transparency and want to ensure that their contributions reach an organisation that is in need.

So, 11 months ago, Teoh Chie Lean, Teoh Gek We, Chin Hon Leong and Desmond Chong Yee Yang got together and created PeopleGiving, a fundraising portal and a non-profit organisation.

The portal ( which was launched on Oct 1, is fully funded by sponsors and run by volunteers.

The portal's sponsors include Arahe Solutions, FCG Financial Consulting group, NIS Solutions and IP Serverone Solution, and its campaign is sponsored by MyTelehaus.

PeopleGiving is modelled along the lines of the British "Justgiving" and Singapore's "SimpleGiving" portals.

"We are actually empowering generation Y on the ease of doing charity and sending them a message that it can be fun," says Chie Lean, 37.

According to Chie Lean, this generation of youths who rely heavily on social network will find it a breeze to do charity through this portal.

"This portal is currently available for individuals to create campaigns to raise funds for organisations they care about. For example, someone can create a ‘shave bald campaign' and raise funds for WWF. PeopleGiving will then leverage on your social network (facebook, blogs and twitter) to seek donors," Chie Lean explains.

At the end of your campaign, WWF is required to disclose on the portal how the funds are used; donors will receive e-receipts so there's transparency.

Chie Lean found out about The Star's Do Good Day project for its staff, and decided to join in by offering each team of volunteers a platform – through PeopleGiving portal – to raise funds for the makeover of shelter homes that they have been assigned to.

"At our launch, each of the volunteer team leaders were given the opportunity to create a campaign to raise funds to buy a specific item for their respective shelter homes," Chie Lean says.

For example, a home may require two shower systems for its bathrooms, which cost RM1,500, so this amount is indicated as the target to be raised through donors.

Even if the target is not met, whatever funds raised will be used to buy something of a lesser value than the specified item.

Teoh Chie Lean, one of the four founders of PeopleGiving, a fundraising portal.

As Do Good Day event will be held on Oct 6, each team has five days to raise funds so that the item will be purchased for the home by this date.

"We are very excited to be working with The Star on this project because we have a very similar objective, that is, to reach out to youths and let them know that charity is not just about giving money; it can be fun," Chie Lean says.

Ready to repair and renew

Having a fine track record of completing a construction job on time and doing a job well, P&P Dragon Construction in Seri Kembangan, Selangor, became a regular contractor for The Star.

"We have been doing a variety of renovation works and construction jobs for The Star offices and printing plant since 2009," says its managing director Lau King Lung, 36.

"When I heard about The Star's Do Good Day project, I felt it was a very good idea. It wasn't just about giving material things to a home, but it involved the staff as volunteers to help improve the conditions of shelter homes in Malaysia," says Lau, who prefers to keep a low profile and was reluctant to be interviewed for this story.

When Lau was approached early this month to submit his quotation for various renovation works to be done at the homes, he immediately offered to sponsor part of the project.

Lau will be allocating five workers and two sub-contractors to do general repair works, restoring parquet, fixing leakages, and piping and wiring for five homes.

"We are working within the deadline given and should complete the various works for five homes over a period of a week. We will also be providing ‘before' and ‘after' photographs of work done," says Lau, who added that it's so much easier these days to capture images with his iPad.

"I was actually waiting for such an opportunity to come by and am honoured to be asked by The Star. I believe that when we have taken from society, we must find ways to give back to society," says Lau, who is no stranger to charity work, having been a regular contributor to religious groups.

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