"People Giving" Photo Contest 2012

PeopleGiving has been promoting a "giving" mentality and we emphasize on giving in a non-monetary form. This is because we strongly believe that while not everyone has the financial means,  everyone has talent, passion, determination and love to share with the world. In this spirit, we launched the "People Giving" photo contest 2012 on 26th Nov-2012.

Pictures paint a thousand words, and the ability to deliver a message of "People Giving" and at the same time provide a channel for those with good photography skills to contribute, was the aim of this contest. This was no ordinary photo contest, since the main goal of contestants was not to compete for a prize. It was created for a bigger purpose in mind;  all photos submitted were printed and posted to an orphanage  in Cambodia (Enfant De La Riziere Orphanage)as a Christmas and New Year gift to the children.
Photos are a real treat for these children, as it can be used as educational material or to decorate the children's classrooms. It is something that will remain special to these children as they start off the new year in 2013 with hope and inspiration.
The contest was run for 2 weeks and our panel of judges shortlisted 5 photos for public voting via Facebook. 
Sureindran Raja Silvam was eventually annouced as the winner on the 23rd Dec. Sureindran's photo features a young girl selling postcards to earn a living. The inspiring message of his photo was, "Hope, the utmost luxury you can give to anyone".
Sureindran won a new Apple Ipad mini in time to enjoy for Christmas!  
Apart from the photos that we sent the ophanage,  we also included a few surprise board games for them! The children were thrilled to receive these gifts and had a great time going through all the photos and putting them up on their classroom walls.  
We achieved the aim of not wasting a single photo that was submitted, as every single photo went to a good cause. So everyone's contribution counted! This embraces the spirit of "People Giving".
PeopleGiving would like to thank all sponsors, participants and volunteers, who contributed generously to make this intiative a success!
Special thanks to:

Photo Malaysia
Panel Judges

Foto Shangri-La
Sponsor of photo prints

Lily Lim, Michael Georgieff & Ms Pisey
Volunteers & Coordinators @ Cambodia

PeopleGiving's volunteers