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Located in a bungalow in Rawang, Pusat Jagaan Permata Rohani houses 25 boys aged between 7 to 13 years old. This home, which moved in since January 2012, is a safe haven for these orphans and abandoned children.

Although the home looks considerably large from the outside, it is severely lack of basic necessities. Currently the boys eat and study on the floor at the living room due to lack of tables and chairs.

The parquet on the staircase as well as the bedrooms are peeling and in dire need of replacement. The dull walls and grills also require a new paint job due to lack of maintenance and care. The sliding door in the living room is smashed and needs to be replaced. There is a gashing hole above the entrance door due to leakage issues which needs to be addressed.

Bedroom 1 currently has 6 sets of bunk beds which are falling apart. Mattresses and pillows are very old and the room reeks of a mixture of boys sweat and damp towels. What a combination! This room is used by the teenage boys.

Bedroom 2 is used by the 12 younger boys and is currently empty. The boys sleep on the floor as it is not safe for them to sleep on beds. Futon beds / mattresses may be the solution here. During the day, this room is used as a tuition room so the space has a dual role. The children study on the floor as they do not own any foldable tables.

In the dining area, currently there is only one small table. The children take turns to have dinner (in 2 rotations). It would nice to give them a new dining table set that could seat 8 people in one sitting.

The boys in this home do not have the luxury of watching television or playing computers as they do not own any of these modern technological gadgets. It would be a bonus for these boys if they were given the opportunity to experience life like any normal kid, albeit in the most minimal way.

One consideration is the broken sliding door in the living room area.

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