PeopleGiving Soft Launch

Posted on: Tuesday, 19 June 2012

PeopleGiving Soft Launch at CommunicAsia 2012 Singapore

Booth setup at the soft launch of PeopleGiving
in CommunicAsia 2012, Singapore

The soft launch of PeopleGiving coincided with the four-day CommunicAsia 2012 event from the 19th to the 22nd of June in Singapore. The launch was sponsored by NIS Solutions Sdn Bhd, which also had an exhibit booth at this international event.

CommunicAsia 2012 is the region's largest information and communications technology event, drawing crowds from around the world. During the soft launch, PeopleGiving collaborated with WWF Singapore to promote the "Saving the Coral Triangle" campaign. This campaign promotes awareness of sustainable seafood consumption. Through this campaign, the public is given an easy-to-carry, pocket-sized guide with a list of seafood classified into "Recommended", "Think Twice" and "Avoid". The classification is based on studies of whether a certain species is endangered or if it comes from unsustainable sources/fishing methods.

Through PeopleGiving, NIS team created an online campaign to raise funds for WWF Singapore to help them embark on the journey to create more responsible consumers for sustainable seafood. This work is important to protect our marine environment and, at the same time, ensure that seafood can be enjoyed for many years to come.

The public was also encouraged to participate in an educational board game to learn about sustainable seafood species during the event.

The campaign successfully achieved the fundraising target of RM 3,000 (three thousand Malaysian ringgit) from generous visitors and business partners. The fund was channeled directly to the WWF Singapore and every donor received an official acknowledgement from WWF Singapore.

PeopleGiving would like to congratulate NIS team for a successful campaign and to thank all the donors for their contribution to help WWF Singapore in the "Saving the Coral Triangle" project.

NIS Director Porntep at the soft launch of PeopleGiving
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