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Rumah Kebajikan Karunai Illam comes under the management of Persatuan Saiva Siddhanta Malaysia and comes to aid of underprivileged children who are orphans, neglected, abused and from broken homes.

Established since 2001, this single small storey terrace intermediate is located in Taman Ehsan, Kepong. It is a safe haven for 15 girls aged between 7 to 17 years old.

The caretaker has also requested that the 2 cupboards (1 brown & 1 pink) to not be thrown away as they are in good condition (Bedroom 2). Perhaps a coat of paint for the pink cupboard? With the space limitations, maximising wall space should be priority. The children need to be able to hang their clothes in the bedroom and to be able to have drawers to store their clothes too. Ideally one drawer per child.

For the study area, currently cupboards and drawers are pushed against the wall making it look very messy and difficult to access their things. Replacing all these with a new set of sturdy cabinets and drawers and identify a better way to layout out the space would need to be considered. The caretaker has also mentioned that each child is to be assigned one drawer unit.

The kitchen area is bursting at the seams with donated goods and they do not have a proper shelving unit to store these items.

The children currently do not have a proper shoe cabinet for all their so a large shoe cabinet / storage unit is needed and to be placed near the entrance (beneath the aircond units).

A serious problem faced by this home is the constant roof leakages it experiences. As a result, the mouldy walls and ceilings are detrimental to the girls' health.

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