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MAKNA (Majlis Kanser Nasional / National Cancer Council) was founded by Dato'Mohd Farid Ariffin. MAKNA was officially launched on 30 March 1995 was registered as a society on 10 November 1994.
MAKNA is a not-for-profit social enterprise mainly tasked to pool and utilise every effort, expertise and financial aid from every faction of society, and to fight cancer and reduce the related pain, suffering and morbidity that cancer patients and their families often experience.
Dato' Mohd Farid Arifin has vast management, organisational and entrepreneurship experience , having served as a teacher, lecturer and lawyer and later as Deputy Finance Minister (1987 – 1989) and Deputy Health Minister (1989 – 1995).
MAKNA was set up from his own family experience, and today it is a home-grown organisation fully focused on cancer.
His teenage son Farul Rafiq was 17 when diagnosed with leukemia (blood cancer) in 1992.  Farul was flown to London, England (Hammersmith Hospital) for treatment.  There, he underwent a regimented treatment which included an autologous bone marrow transplant, which was not yet available in Malaysia.  A few years into battling the diseases, he was finally certified cancer-free.
While recuperating at the hospital in London, Dato' Mohd Farid's family made a promise that on their return to Malaysia, they would set up a cancer organisation aimed to help those from lower income groups gain access to cancer treatment. 
On 4 August 2011, we sadly lost Farul, he passed away owing to lung fibrosis (not to cancer). 
This run, which not only celebrates MAKNA's existence, will also be a way of sourcing for funds to aid our main cause being assisting financially challenged cancer patients and their families.
Cancer Can Be Prevented when detected early, which means more of these lives being helped by MAKNA, can be saved if they receive financial support in time through donation commitments by kind-hearted souls.  Funds raised will ensure uninterrupted supply of financial assistance, surgical equipment, liquid food, prostheses, and prescribed drugs for poor cancer patients and also provide young cancer survivors with educational scholarship.
While promoting an active lifestyle, fitness and celebrating health, this run will also heighten cancer awareness bringing much needed attention to this prevalent illness.  Coming together, we strengthen the tie between survivors, their families and the community.  A step taken today paves the path for tomorrow.
All in all, it will be a fun-filled day, advocating fitness while raising funds for a very worthy cause.
Come Run the Miles, Fund the Smiles!